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SEBB Information

SEBB Information

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Below is the link to the SEBB website with the most up to date and accurate information:
SEBB School Employees Website

Below is a video from SEBB to help guide through the open enrollment process:
SEBB My Account Training Video for Employees


Where can I find info about SEBB for upcoming open enrollments?

In the folders below this message, SEBB Benefit Info for each year is listed.  If you click on the folder for the year you're interested in, you can find more information.

When does my coverage begin after open enrollment?

Coverage with SEBB will begin January 1, 2023.

When is open enrollment for SEBB?

SEBB open enrollment will be from October 31, 2022 to November 21, 2022.

For more info on open enrollment, click here.

Will SEBB have benefit fairs?

Yes.  SEBB will only have 24/7 virtual benefits fairs this year and in person benefits fairs.
Click here for virtual benefits fair information
Click here for in person benefits fair information

Can I compare SEBB plans online?

Yes.  You can compare SEBB plans using SEBB's online tool by clicking the link below.
Click here to compare SEBB plans

What is the Long Term Disability change beginning January 1, 2022?

SEBB will automatically be enrolling ALL SEBB benefit eligible employees into a 60% coverage Long Term Disability Plan (this is paid for by the employee).  During open enrollment, you have the option to remain enrolled in the 60% coverage plan, reduce to a 50% coverage plan, or decline coverage.  If you do nothing during open enrollment, you will be automatically enrolled in the 60% coverage plan.

For more info on LTD, click here.

For webinars about LTD, please click here.

Will I need to have documentation for my dependents?

Yes.  You will need to upload birth certificates, marriage certificates, tax forms or other applicable documents in the SEBB My Account portal during open enrollment if enrolling a new dependent.
Click here for dependent verification documents