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Clock Hour Information

In-District Clock Hours

Certificated Staff

The University Place School District provides numerous opportunities for its certificated staff to earn clock hours, including job-embedded, building-based professional development and after-school courses.  

In-district professional development clock hour paperwork is submitted automatically to the Teaching and Learning Department by the district provider at the conclusion of the professional development offering.  In order for clock hours to be processed accurately, it is important that staff:

1. make sure to sign the attendance sheet, and

2. make sure to complete the registration form at the end of the professional development activity.

For assistance with Out of District Clock Hour submissions, please contact: Jody Johnson

Out of-District Clock Hours

Certificated Staff

When you participate in a professional development activity sponsored by an agency OTHER than UPSD for which you want to receive clock hours, it's important to take note of the following:

1. Only Washington State approved clock hour providers will be accepted.  A current list of providers is available on the OSPI website

2. Certificated staff must do the following:

  • Complete a Credit/Clock Hour Approval Form and have it signed by your building principal BEFORE you attend the professional development activity.  Please note: you must use ONE form per each provider.
  • Attend the course/workshop, and sign the attendance sheet.
  • Pay any required provider/agency registration fees.
  • Get a copy of the in-service registration form from the professional development provider, which includes the authorized signature.
  • Send the Approval Form AND the registration form to the District. (Please see the SEND TO note below.)

Please note: You can only claim clock hours for out-of-district professional development activities for which the providers have already completed necessary clock hour paperwork beforehand.  Keep in mind that some workshop providers do not make this option available to participants, so make sure to check on clock hours  before the activity is offered.

3. When you wish to submit College/University transcripts:

Complete a Credit/Clock Hour Approval Form. Send the Credit/Clock Hour Approval Form to the District, noting that you are taking the class and that the transcript will be following.

Attend the class.

Request Official Transcripts from College/University be sent to the District.

For assistance with Out of District Clock Hour submissions, please contact: Paulene Collins