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Online Teaching Resources

Staff Technology Resources

Below you will find a variety of resources for tools available for teachers to utilize in support of Online learning:


Skyward Logo

  • Teachers are able to access their student Google login and password (keypad lunch number) information in Skyward. 

    Make sure you select the ALL classes button prior to 9/8/20.

    **Please remember that the keypad number is 5 digits long.  If you convert this class roster data to an Excel or Google Sheet you may lose the leading 0.  

    Printing Instructions for Class Rosters with Google Account Info

Google Classroom

Google Classroom Logo


edpuzzle logo

Pear Deck

Pear Deck

  • Pear Deck (Premium version) is an interactive, live presentation tool that works with Google Slides.  Pear Deck allows for a direct instruction in a synchronous setting.  Students see your presentation on their own devices and are able to interact in real time.  With Pear Deck, as the teacher, you can solicit feedback, do a quick formative check, or simply see how students are feeling.  

    Please watch the following video, you can also click on the YouTube logo to watch in the app.

  • All teachers in UPSD have been granted a Pear Deck premium account.
    1. Go to
    2. Click on Teacher login. 
    3. When prompted, log in with your school Google account and respond to a few questions.
    4. Install the Pear Deck for Google Slides Add-on

    If you previously had a FREE account, your account will automatically upgrade to the premium version if you were using your domain address.

    Please watch the following video, you can also click on the YouTube logo to watch in the app.

  • Videos for Google Schools using Pear Deck:


YouTube Logo


EquatIO Logo

Gimkit & Quizlet

Gimkit Logo         Quizlet

  • Gimkit can be used in any classroom to introduce or review concepts; it's like a mashup of Kahoot! and Quizlet.

    The live gameplay is fast-paced and engaging like a game show, but when it's assigned for independent practice, Gimkit functions more like flash cards. Speaking of Quizlet, you can import Quizlet sets (text only) into Gimkit with just a few clicks.

    Using either the Quizlet import feature or the collaborative quiz-building KitCollab mode, you can create a Gimkit game in a few minutes. This makes it easy to insert an interactive review game into your lesson with minimal prep.

    Teachers can also use the assignments feature to give homework. You set a due date, and students work through the kit at their own pace, answering questions until they reach a set goal.

  • Quizlet is a way to create a "study set" or flashcards.

  • Use this link to setup your district Gimkit account:

    Gimkit Pro Access

    1. Sign up with the UPSD account here:
      Make sure to check I am a teacher when you create your account.  If you have an existing account, this link will UPGRADE your current account.
    2. Create study sets with your own material. You can add images, choose languages, and keep your sets updated with the latest information.
    3. You can also find and use study sets made by others.
    4. Once your material is ready to go, you can create a class to organize your students.
    5. Add sets to the class to get your class up and running.
    6. Invite people to your class. You can also help students find your class. Once students are in the class, they’ll get notified about any new content you add.
    7. Get started teaching!
  • Sign up with the UPSD link:


Flipgrid Logo

  • Flipgrid is a free social learning platform that allows teachers to ask questions by posting “topics”.  Students then respond to each topic with their own video. Teachers can control the time limit of each response and monitor student reactions.  Students can view/read other students' answers, and interact with these responses by posting their own video response which will appear in a tiled grid display. 

    Educators: Getting Started with Flipgrid from Flip on Vimeo.

  • Flipgrid Pro is free to all users

    1.  Go to  Click on the "Sign Up For Free" box in the upper right hand portion of the screen.

    2.  Fill out the information (First Name, Last   Name, E-Mail, Password, Account Type, Instruction Type, School, Institution, Organization).  When finished, click “Create My Grid.”

    3.  Next, you’ll want to create a “New Grid” by clicking on the blue “New Grid” button on the My Grids page.  

  • Additional Flipgrid Video Resources


Screencastify Logo

Using Hardware

Cartoon of a Webcam

Helpful Documents

We will add new PDFs and printable documents into this container as appropriate.  Please search these documents if you need an additional PDF/document resource on a specific topic to see if we have it created.  

Additional Information

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