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Bus Tracking (My Ride K-12)

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Tyler Technologies My Ride K-12

My Ride K-12

Tyler Technologies My Ride K-12 will replace our current app Traversa Ride 360 effective 05/01/24.

The new app contains your student's bus route information and is used primarily to track your students ride. The app is confidential and secure, and we are confident it will be a helpful resource for district families.

Additionally, you can use your existing log-in information to access a web version of My Ride K-12 here.


The app is available for download as an iPhone app or an Android device app

After downloading the app:

  1. Choose “Register”, then create a Username and Password (your email and choice of password)
  2. Verify your registration from the code emailed to you.
  3. Log In on the app
  4. Find “University Place School District 83” and click on the Select button.
  5. Link your student(s) to the account – click on Add Student
  6. Enter Student ID (see Skyward Family Access,  “Other ID”, a 7-digit number starting with “06”) 
  7. Enter Student First Name
  8. Choose School Name
  9. Once your student is found by the app, press on “link”
  10. Press”done” or “find another” student

Once logged in, the user will be able to see all their linked students, and can share the information or search for their bus location. When the routes are loaded and buses are running, users will see a green line that represents the school bus route; a red dot that represents the student's designated stop; and a yellow arrow that represents the bus route/direction. Users are able to zoom in and out, and change the display of the map. 


My Ride K-12 Application Guide here.


We will no longer use the Traversa Ride 360 app.


Questions?  253-566-5724 UPSD Transportation Department