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Teacher and Principal Evaluation in University Place Schools

Ensuring the highest quality leadership and teaching for our students has long been a priority of the University Place School District. As part of our efforts to achieve these ends, both teachers and principals have been carefully evaluated by supervisors for many years. Recent changes to Washington State Law require school districts to make changes to past evaluation practices in the 2013-14 school year and beyond. These changes include the adoption of new evaluation criteria for both school principals and certificated teachers in all public schools in Washington.

School districts are also required to choose specific "frameworks" that describe quality professional practice for both teachers and principals. These frameworks must be approved by the state and must address the new evaluation criteria. The University Place School District has selected the Marzano Teacher Evaluation Framework for certificated teachers, and the A.W.S.P. (Association of Washington State Principals) Principal Evaluation Framework for principals. More information about these leadership and teaching models is available by clicking on the links to your left.

If you would like additional information on the new Washington State Laws related to teacher and principal evaluation, access the official "TPEP" website at