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University Place School 1916-1957

University Place School 1916 - 1957

Voters Approve Building University Place School

In the district's first bond election June 10, 1915, 18 of 20 voters favored building a new University Place school. Nineteen favored remodeling Lemons Beach into a gymnasium/meeting place and paying "no more than $500 an acre" for a 5-acre site at Steilacoom-Weston Road (now Grandview) and 27th Street.
Later in the year, voters approved (by 3 to 2) an $18,000 bond issue to buy the property, build the new four -room brick school and remodeled the old school. Construction and installation of plumbing and heating cost $9,336.

University Place School opened in 1916 with 39 of the 54 five- to 21-year olds in the district enrolled.



Student Harmonica Recital

Student Carnival

Carnival UPS Sign

Father's Son's Banquet 1934

May Day

A new University Place Primary School was completed in August of 2008.

Street Sign for New UP Primary School​​​​​​