Employee Assistance Program

Monthly Employee Assistance Program newsletters and additional information are available below.

Magellan Behavioral Health provides confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services to University Place School District employees.  The EAP can help resolve personal concerns.  Among other things that the EAP can help you with:


work  stress                                                   anger management

family/parenting issues                              alcohol or drug dependencies

coping with change                                     marital or relationship problems

anxiety or depression                                  grief or bereavement


At one point or another, these and other concerns may impact your life.  The EAP assessment therapists can work with you to accurately identify the problem you’re facing, develop a plan of action and discuss counseling or treatment options if that’s necessary.  The assessment of 3 visits is provided at no cost.  Fees for longer term counseling or treatment would be the employee’s responsibility and maybe covered by health benefits.  Information flyers are available in the Payroll Office or by calling Magellan Behavioral Health at 1-800-523-5668.

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