School Board

Board of Directors

  1. The primary tasks of the Board are:
  2. Linking the school system with the community
  3. Setting policy that guides the district; and
  4. Assuring organizational performance by monitoring the execution of policy.

The Board of Directors is a team dedicated to excellence. Whenever possible they refer matters to the Superintendent, the principal, or the classroom teacher to ensure they are handled at the level most appropriate for resolution.

The Board meets the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, except November, December, February, April, and July. Only one meeting is held in those months. Meetings start at 6:30 pm. Please click here or call the district office for the location of a meeting - (253) 566-5600.

Ethelda Burke

Position #1 - Ethelda Burke (Vice President)
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Marisa Peloquin

Position #2 - Marisa Peloquin (Legislative Representative)
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T'wina Nobles

Position #3- T'wina Nobles
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Mary Lu Dickinson

Position #4 - Mary Lu Dickinson 
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Position #5 - Dr. Rick Maloney (President)
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