Teaching and Learning

Welcome to the Department of Teaching and Learning

Dear students, staff, and community members:

Welcome to the UPSD Teaching and Learning website. The Department of Teaching and Learning is committed to enhancing the overall experience of all stakeholders within our educational system. We are committed to continuous progress to assist students on their journey of discovery. From preschool to our transition program, we strive to provide an atmosphere where every student is successful and prepared to meet the challenges of a complex world.

On these pages you will find helpful information concerning all areas of instruction, including assessment, professional development, and special services and programs. Eventually, we will be adding detailed information on curriculum as well, including numerous resources to help staff and parents support student learning. If there is a specific resource you would like to see on-line, please e-mail any one of us at the address listed below.
Again, welcome to our website.

Jeff Loupas, Assistant Superintendent

Please note: Some resources on these pages are only visible and available to UPSD staff

Assistant Superintendent

Jeff Loupas

(253) 566-5600 Ext. 3345

Email jloupas@upsd83.org

Director of Teaching and Learning

Angie Franklin

(253) 566-5600 Ext. 3330

Email afranklin@upsd83.org

Coordinator of Assessment & Curriculum

Juanita Stone

(253) 566-5600 Ext. 3342

Email jstone@upsd83.org

Director Special Services

Kelly McClure

(253)566-5600 Ext. 3349

Email kmcclure@upsd83.org

Assistant Director of Special Services

Amy Royster

(253) 566-5600 Ext. 3328

Email aroyster@upsd83.org

Teacher on Special Assignment

Patricia Goodpaster

(253) 566-5600 Ext. 3311

Email pgoodpaster@gmail.com

Teaching and Learning Office Coordinator

Jody Johnson

(253) 566-5600 Ext. 3338

Email jjohnson@upsd83.org

Special Services Office Coordinator

Gina Newman

253) 566-5600 Ext. 3326

Email gnewman@upsd83.org

Math/Assessment Secretary

Christine Johnson

(253) 566-5600 Ext. 3343

Email christinejohnson@upsd83.org

Special Services Secretary

Melody Vinson

(253) 566-5600 Ext. 3334

Email mvinson@upsd83.org

Special Services Office Assistant/Records

Ashley Caillier

(253) 566-5600 Ext. 3327

Email acaillier@upsd83.org