Section 504

What is a 504 Plan?

A 504 Plan is developed to ensure that students with disabilities have access to the same education as their non-disabled peers. It does not provide individualized instruction; however, it does provide students with various accommodations so they are able to succeed in the regular classroom.

Who is eligible for a 504 Plan?

Students with any disability may be eligible for a 504 Plan, as long as the disability substantially limits one or major life activities (e.g., learning). A 504 Plan has a wider range of eligibility criteria than an IEP, which makes a 504 Plan a considerable option for students who don't qualify for special education services under IEP requirements.

How do I get a 504 evaluation for my student?

504 Plans often don't require extensive evaluations but do require the school to collectively review any information and discuss any concerns prior to initiating the eligibility. Refer to the resources below for more information.

504 Brochure for Parents

UPSD 504 Manual 

Your Rights Under Section 504