Lunch Money with Family Access

Family Access is integrated with RevTrak to allow parents/guardians to add lunch money online using a credit card*. These payments are updated to your student's account immediately! Add money for 1, 2, or as many students as necessary in one transaction.*A single $1.00 convenience fee is charged per transaction.

Cash payments are always accepted at school. To add lunch money online:

  1. Log into Family Access; select Preview Family Access
  2. Select the Food Service application from the menu on the left

  3. Click the Make A Payment link

  4. Next to the 0.00, click the Update Payment Amount button and enter the amount

  5. Click Update Cartand repeat for each student as necessary.

  6. Click the Pay with Vendor button near the top of the window next to RevTrak

  7. Answer the question and continue.

  8. Log in to RevTrak or create a new account if first time user. Logins will always be an email address. If you do not remember your password, select the Forgot Password? link and enter your email address. An email with a reset option will be sent to you.

  9. There are two options for payment: eCheckorDebit/Credit Card. For eChecks complete the screen and select Use Check or Use Debit/Credit Card to continue.

  10. Select a card or Add Card and complete the card information; then selectContinue.

  11. Review your order and click Place Order at the bottom to finalize your payment.

For instructions with pictures that can be printed click here.

Note: Student fines and fees such as ASB Cards, Dance Tickets, Yearbooks, etc. are not paid within Family Access and require a different User Name and Password. However, users can locate this information within Family Access: Use the Report Directory menu option and click on the link:Fines & Fees System Login Information. If you have students in multiple schools you only need one user name and password. To access the login screen for the Fines and Fees system within Family Access, click on theDist Link District Links icon in the upper right corner and select: Pay Student Fines & Fees. For more information on paying school fees or fine, please click& here.