On-line Payments

Paying Student Fees or Fines

UPSD uses Touchbase to give parents/guardians an opportunity to pay student fees or fines online with a credit card. Adding money to a lunch account is done in Family Access, click here to make a lunch payment.

What you need to know to pay fees or fines with Touchbase:

  • This system now uses the same password as Skyward Family Access. Please note: If you change your Skyward password, it takes one night to update that password into the Fees system.

  • If you log in as a guest, you will not see fees or fines associated with your student. Guests may purchase generic items such as Athletic Passes, Transcripts for previous students, or donations.
  • If a student has open fees or fines they must be paid before other items can be purchased.
  • A small convenience fee will be charged at check out.


Step by Step Instructions for Touchbase:

  1. Log in to Touchbase

    • All students within your family should be listed. If not, please contact the missing student's school.

  2. Click on the student's name link

    • If an open fine or fee exists, a red message will appear

  3. Using the links on the right side of the screen; select either

    1. To pay, check the box(es)

    2. Click the Pay button at the bottom of the screen

    3. Select "Checkout" and follow the prompts
    • "View open fines/fees" (All fines must be paid before other items may be purchased)

    • "Products at student's school" (Continue to click links until items appear)

    1. Adjust the item quantity as desired

    2. Click Add; you may add as many items as desired. To shop for a different student, click the"Your Family" link at the top of the screen and select a new student name link.

    3. Select "Checkout" and follow the prompts