Covid-19 Dashboard

In UPSD, the safety of students and staff is always our first priority. New safety challenges have emerged over the last year due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We take these challenges seriously and have put procedures in place to ensure safety. We’ve invested heavily in staff training about Covid-19 and personal protective equipment (PPE) for our schools. These investments mean that our staff members know what to do to keep everyone safe and they have the materials and equipment needed to make that happen. We are also requiring that everyone wear face coverings at school, follow social distancing guidelines whenever possible, practice increased hand hygiene and stay at home when they have symptoms of Covid-19.

These extensive countermeasures will go a long way to prevent the spread of Covid-19. However, as long as the virus is still in our community, we know that some students and staff may test positive for the virus. We have a plan in place to respond when a student or staff member has a confirmed case of Covid-19.

1. The student or staff member with a positive test result will remain at home and will not be allowed back to school until they are considered no longer contagious.
2. All close contacts will be notified immediately so they can quarantine at home for 14 days from date of contact. Close contacts are people who were within 6 feet of a confirmed case for more than 15 minutes within one 24-hour period.
3. Other contacts will receive written notification and information about watching for symptoms. “Other” contacts include staff and students who only interacted briefly or had minor contact with a positive case. These individuals may continue to report to school buildings and work sites.
4. To protect privacy, we will not release the name- or other identifying information- of infected students or staff members.

We want to be as transparent as possible about Covid-19 cases and transmission in our schools. The chart below will be updated daily to provide staff, parents and community members information. If you have questions or concerns about Covid-19 in UPSD, please contact your child’s Principal, or contact our Safety and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Torey Heidelberg at 253-566-5600 or

Confirmed Cases (past 14 Days) Close Contacts in Quarantine Approximate Number of Students Attending In-Person Approximate Number of Staff Attending In-Person Cumulative Cases (Since September 2020) Cases Confirmed to be Transmitted in District
University Place Primary  0 0 22 52 1 0
** Evergreen Primary 2 0 100 60 4 0
Sunset Primary 0 0 62 56 1 0
Chambers Primary 0 0 30 46 3 0
Drum Intermediate 0 0  20  37 2 0
Narrows View Intermediate 0 0 25 44 0 0
* Curtis Junior High School 0 0 45 59 1 0
* Curtis High School 0 0 190 85 4 0
Support Buildings (Staff Only) 0 0 0 79 4 0
* Includes data from athletic programs
** Includes Latchkey staff and students with positive cases