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At most district locations, a single Administrator or Custodian is assigned to submit all work orders.  This helps avoid duplication and errors when work orders are submitted. 

For example, if you are a classroom teacher, please connect with your custodian or office coordinator / Administrator first.  They may be able to handle your request at the school level.  If not, they will submit a work order (to be assigned to Maintenance Dept technicians).

If you are authorized to submit a work order, please proceed:

ML Work Orders Icon Click here to submit a work order

 Hint:  Your username is your e-mail address.


First time submitting a work order?  Click here for a video demonstration.

How to choose the "priority" when submitting a work order:

 URGENT Immediate Response Flooding, flames, burning/gas smell, anything that will imminently harm people or property.  Please call 253-566-5700, then enter work order.
 HIGH 1-2 day initial response No heat/air conditioning in classroom, pooling water due to leaking toilet/fixture/roof, precarious tree limb, access control system repair.
 MEDIUM 1-14 day initial response Equipment repair, keys & locks, lighting, heat/air conditioning in non-student spaces, digital clocks/bells, window/door repair, mowing, trash removal, pest control.
 LOW 1-15+ day initial response Surplus item pickup, boxes/equipment moving, custodial supply ordering, window blinds/shades, playground/parking lot striping, wall/floor repair, painting, tree/bush trimming.

The Maintenance Department strives to complete your work orders in a timely manner!  However, please understand there may be delays due to: part/supply ordering timelines, high number of urgent/high-priority work orders district-wide, staffing limitations, or current special projects.

Please contact Jennie Martinez x3403 or Jason Lowery x3402 with any questions.

Computer.pngTechnology Work Requests can be submitted HERE.