Proposition #1 Replacement Educational Programs and Operations Levy

The current Educational Programs and Operations (EP&O) Levy is expiring at the end of 2022.  UP citizens have supported this levy for the last 30 years. The proposed levy rates for 2023-2026 are the same rates voters approved in 2018.   

Proposition #1 will continue to fund the following:

  • Teachers to lower class size in grades 4-12
  • Teachers to provide more learning options for kids with different needs and interests
  • Counselors to support student learning and mental health
  • Nurses to improve and monitor student health
  • Safety & security personnel including recess, lunchroom, bus and classroom supervisors
  • Instructional materials such as books, textbooks, supplies, equipment and technology
  • Music and performing arts programs including orchestra, band, choir and theater
  • Transportation and special education costs not covered by the state
  • The district’s athletic program in grades 5-12
  • Transportation to help students participate in after school activities
  • Training for teachers and other staff
  • Community use of the pool, fields and other facilities
  • After school programs, extracurricular activities and summer school

Proposition #1 would provide funding for four years.  The table below shows the amount of funding requested and the estimated tax rate per $1,000 of assessed value.


Educational Programs & Operations 

Replacement Levy


Maximum Authority




$       15,378,000 

$      2.50 


$       16,532,000 

$      2.50 


$       17,524,000 

$      2.50 


$       18,313,000 

$      2.50