Local Levy Information

The UPSD Board of Directors approved two resolutions placing renewal of the expiring Educational Programs and Operations Levy and the expiring Safety and Technology Levy on the ballot for February 13, 2018. If approved by voters, these levies will bridge the gap between what the state provides for schools and what UP parents and citizens expect. Both are four (4) year levies and require a "simple majority" (50% or greater) to pass. We hope these answers to frequently asked questions about our funding and levies will be helpful to our citizens.

Resolution 807-11-08-17 for Educational Programs and Operations Replacement Levy

Resolution 808-11-08-17 for Capital Improvements Replacement Levy

Community Presentation

10 Facts Every Citizen Should Know about School Levies in UPSD

Levy Information Flyer

The McCleary Decision and Levies

Frequently Asked Questions