Swim Lesson Registration

The Curtis Aquatic Center offers a lesson program that provides instruction to children with skill levels ranging from beginners to advanced. Please visit our Swim Lessons home page for further details and information about the lesson program or contact us via email at dvaldes@upsd83.org or twilkinson@upsd83.org

Registration Options

Refer to the options below to determine which registration period you are eligible for. Registration is always conducted on a first come, first served basis.

Registration Form


Who Qualifies for Pre-registration?

-Pre-registration is ONLY available to those 
enrolled in the most recent Curtis Aquatic Center Swim Lesson Session.

When Does Pre-Registration Begin?

-Pre-Registration is Closed for Fall 2019 Session. See Open Registration below. 

Can I Sign Up Online or In-Person?

-Online Registration
 is ONLY available for swimmers enrolled in levels 4-10. Please see below for instructions and link to register online. Online registration closes at 8:30pm and is only offered on the initial pre-registration date.

-In Person Registration
 is available for all levels. Due to high demand, registration for levels 1-3 must take place in-person at the Aquatic Center. 

Open Registration

*AVAILABLE TIMES ARE 6:30, 7:00, & 8:00pm*

Who Qualifies for Open Registration?

-Open Registration is available to all community members who are 
not currently enrolled in the Curtis Aquatic  Center Lesson Program. Swim Lessons are available to all community members aged 4 and up. Students do  NOT need to be enrolled in UPSD schools to participate.. 

When Does Open Registration Begin?

-Open Registration for the next available session will occur
 Friday, Oct. 25th at 5pm. Open  Registration is ONLY available in-person at the Aquatic Center. Scroll down to view available levels and class  times. 

*Please Note*

  • Online Registration is not available for levels 1, 2, or 3 due to high demand.
  • All parents/guardians must sign a medical/liability waiver on the registration date. Waivers must be signed BEFORE your child enters the pool.
  • Some levels may be at maximum capacity and therefore, unavailable. Registration is based on a first come first serve basis. Please call the pool at 253-566-5725 or e-mail dvaldes@upsd83.org to find out which levels are still open.
  • An introductory water polo class will be offered at 8:00pm. Visit the Water Polo page on the Aquatic Center website to learn more information. 

Online Registration


Online Registration is currently: CLOSED


Class Availability. 
   (An X indicates the level is full).

 Class Time  6:30p  7:00p  7:30p 8:00p 
Level 1

Level 2 X X X X
Level 3  X X X X
Level 4 X X X  X
 Level 5/6

 Level 7/8

 Level 9/10


*Please Note*

  • Levels 5/6, 7/8, and 9/10 are grouped with one another


1. Click on the link Above. (Link only available during registration hours).

2. If you have a UPSD Skyward Family Access Username and Password then use it to sign-in.

3. If you do not have a UPSD Skyward Family Access Username and Password, please select the message that reads "For Guest Users Please Click Here" (Located on the bottom of the screen in blue). Next you will have to register your information for a guest user.

  1. After logging in: Click "Select Items at all Schools" under the Shop tab -> Then Click on "Pool" -> Click on "Curtis Aquatic Center" -> Click on Swim Lessons and then choose the appropriate half-hour (The available lessons will be listed by level and half-hour).
  2. Once the proper level and half-hour has been found click the ADD button and completely fill out all five required fields.
  3. You can now Checkout or Continue Shopping for more available lessons.

 Problems/Questions? Call 253-566-5725

*Please Note*

  • Online registration is only available on Pre-Registration dates.
  • A minor convenience fee will be charged to the final transaction.
  • All parents/guardians must still fill out a medical/liability waiver on the first night of lessons BEFORE your child can begin.