Bus - Side View


The mission of the University Place School District Transportation Department

is to transport students in a safe and efficient manner.

Safe Busing, Riding, and Walking

BUSING Use Edulog's WebQuery (or "Bus Routes" link on left) to find the current bus route information for your address. Bus route information can be found by clicking on the school link from the results page. WebQuery helps you determine the school a student is eligible to attend, and the available bus stops. WebQuery also provides a helpful street map. Please be sure to input your child's current grade level.
  • Students who live more than one radius mile from school may ride on school buses. Students are expected to be at stops five minutes prior to stop time, and behave well at their bus stops and on buses.
  • If student rides a seatbelt-equipped bus, student must wear the belt.
  • Students in grades K-4 will be provided a bus tag containing pertinent bus information. Bus tags are required to be worn daily.

Route changes during the year are conveyed on the UPSD web site.

Would you like to track your student's bus activity?  Click here for information on the Edulog Parent Portal app.


Students who ride bicycles or drive cars to school are expected to heed traffic safety rules. Students riding with a parent or on a public bus are asked to arrive after school doors open and staff members are present.


Students who walk are expected to practice pedestrian safety: by being orderly using walkways, by using crosswalks, and by obeying crossing patrols and traffic signs/ signals.