Water Safety Rules

A priority for the Curtis Aquatic Center's Swim Lesson Program is water safety. At the end of each class, instructors will go over a different safety rule that can be applied around any body of water. Listed below are several of the safety rules that our program covers:
  1. Never swim alone.
  2. Swim only in supervised areas.
  3. Always protect your head when diving.
  4. Never dive in shallow or unfamiliar water.
  5. Diving boards are for strong swimmers only.
  6. When the unexpected occurs, roll to your back.
  7. Never call for help unless you need it.
  8. Know your limits!
  9. Avoid strong currents like rivers and oceans.
  10. Don't just pack it, where your life jacket.
  11. It's never safe on a frozen lake.
  12. Don't be a fool, follow the rules. 
  13. Reach throw but don't go.

We encourage swimmers of all ages and abilities to abide by these important rules. Your safety in and around the water is our top priority!