Proposition #2 Replacement Safety, Technology and Capital Improvements Levy

The current Safety, Technology and Capital Improvements Levy is expiring at the end of 2022. UP citizens have supported this levy since 1994.  The proposed levy rates for 2023-2026 are consistent with the rates that voters approved in 2018. 

The district maintains millions of dollars in publicly owned facilities and grounds throughout the community.  These facilities need ongoing repair, renovation and improvement to ensure our students have a safe, healthy, high-quality learning experience in our schools. Safety, Technology and Capital Improvements Levy funding is used to purchase, replace or repair equipment and/or facilities.   

Past projects & improvements funded by the expiring levy include:  

  • Upgrading our HVAC systems at Evergreen Primary and Narrows View Intermediate
  • Purchasing Chromebooks for students as the district moves towards a 1:1 learning environment
  • Upgrading our internal and external Security Cameras throughout the district
  • Upgrading access controls throughout the district, including key card access, secure vestibules, and increased lighting
  • Remodeling and modernizing of chemistry classrooms at Curtis High School to meet increased demand and 
  • Repairing the sky bridges at Curtis High School to ensure adequate structural integrity and to ensure safe usage

Future projects & improvements funded by this replacement levy include: 

  • Repair or replacement of HVAC systems in several schools
  • Improvements to electrical systems at multiple schools
  • Improvements to plumbing systems at multiple schools
  • Painting and repair of siding at multiple schools
  • Repair or replacement of roofs at various facilities across the district
  • Renovation/Modernization of existing classrooms to create a new CTE culinary arts lab at CHS
  • Installation of field turf at CJH
  • Replacement of classroom presentation systems to replace outdated technology, increase teacher flexibility and reduce ongoing costs associated with these systems. 
  • Technology for students to use at school and at home.
  • Improvement of the district’s technology infrastructure, network, software and data systems

Proposition #2 would provide funding for four years.  The table below shows the amount of funding requested and the estimated tax rate per $1,000 of assessed value.


Safety, Technology & Capital Improvements

Replacement Levy






$          2,689,000 

$      0.50 


$          2,891,000 

$      0.50 


$          3,065,000 

$      0.50 


$          3,203,000 

$      0.50