REI: School Board Policy & Development

The University Place School Board shapes and directs the work of the district by developing policy and connecting with the community to learn about what citizens want and expect from schools.

The University Place School District Board of Directors is committed to ensuring that all students receive a high-quality education in an environment where they are treated with dignity and respect.  Recent incidents in our country have exposed long-standing problems with racial inequity and racism.  The UPSD board worked together to write a statement citing beliefs and making commitments to our community.  See the statement in the table below.

Board Policy Related to Racial Equity

Over the years, several policies have been developed with direct connections to key areas of racial equity and diversity. They include:

Ends Policy #2- Academic Competence
Ends Policy #3- Contributing Citizens
Executive Limitations Policy 4- Staff Hiring
Executive Limitations Policy 8- Academic Program
Executive Limitations Policy 9- Student Conduct and Discipline

These policies, in part, address key expectations around issues such as curriculum, instruction, hiring and discipline.  The board continues to be committed to seeing this work grow and improve.  Regular monitoring and review of these key policies is a value for our Board of Directors and public input is encouraged.

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